Most frequent questions and answers

Australian Opal is a precious gemstone known for its exceptional rarity and value.

Mined exclusively in Australia, it’s revered for its stunning play-of-color, a phenomenon where vibrant hues dance across the gem’s surface.

Its scarcity and unique visual properties make it highly prized among gem collectors and jewelry enthusiasts worldwide.

For more information about Australian Opal, please explore more on our Opal Knowledge Base section

Our opals are exclusively sourced from various mines across Australia.

If you happen to purchase an opal from a location outside Australia through us, we offer LIFETIME Return and Refund Service.

Yes, Australian Opals are safe with water.
Immersing them or getting them wet doesn’t affect their quality or appearance.

Yes, We provide free shipping for all orders. For more information, please refer to the shipping information page.

We accept payments through PayPal.

Yes, we provide 7-day hassle-free return/exchange service if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

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